Thursday, August 09, 2012

CRPS research update from Richard Stace of CRPS UK

Richmond Stace is a physiotherapist with a special interest in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He created his website to share current research on this hard to treat condition. Of particular interest in his July Update is the role of oxidative stress in triggering and its involvement in clinical symptoms of CRPS. I follow Richmond's posts via email subscription and appreciate his efforts to keep the CRPS community informed.

First suggested by Sudeck in 1942, Dutch researchers' studies supported the theory that oxygen derived free radicals are possibly the mediators of mechanisms leading to some of the neurological symptoms of CRPS. They found
  • high oxygen supply with tissue hypoxia in CRPS extremities;
  • a diminished oxygen availability to the skeletal muscle tissue affected by chronic CRPS;
  • and several deficiencies in the skeletal muscles of CRPS sufferers.
Studies in Holland have centered around free radical scavengers as treatment for CRPS. There are many ongoing studies with DMSO, NAC in Holland.

This is supported by research in Israel serum and salivary oxidative analysis in complex regional pain syndrome.

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