Friday, September 14, 2012

Howard Black's September newsletter focuses particularly on research regarding drug treatments for CRPS/RSD. Recommended.

As usual Howard Black's newsletters are compelling reading. September 2012's offering is particularly important as there has been so much recent interest in the opioids and there relevance for treatment of chronic pain syndromes. Of significance to me is the research concerning Tramadol. The first dose I took worked like a miracle but, although it is supposed to be non addictive, I developed a tolerance of the drug very quickly and after three weeks my body withdrew from it. For an horrific 30 hours I shook, ached almost unbearably etc. This was many years ago before medication became no longer an option. I agree with Howard's comment that it is surprising that it's not a controlled substance in some countries.

I encourage you to also read the comprehensive section on RSD Drugs and Treatments.

It pays to remember that the brain drives the pain message no matter what the cause. Treating the cause instead of the symptoms seems to me a more logical way to go. Much food for thought again here Howard.

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RSD said...

While opiods help with pain, my concern has been their effect on my cognitive and motor functions. I have CRPS Type I in my arm and shoulder and find that gabapentin, the occasional nerve block and light exercise (swimming and other low impact stuff) has been helpful.

Robert S. Diamond

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